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Introducing: NOWSEEN

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Jewellery should be for everyone. Fair pricing, genuine materials and responsible sourcing are just a few things that should be standard practice when creating stylish and trendy jewellery, and it must always be accessible to any budget, style or taste.

With that said, allow us to introduce: NOWSEEN.


At NOWSEEN, we work to redefine real jewellery and make it available for everyone – regardless of your age, taste, style or budget. The days of fine jewellery being too expensive and ‘for them’ are over, and we're ready to give the red carpet look to you with three brand new collections.

So, what can you expect?

Jewellery to make you stand out, jewellery that represents how you feel and jewellery that doesn’t break the bank are all what NOWSEEN brings to you. Generous, right? Wrong – because it should just be the norm. Created with Mother Nature’s gifts in mind, all our products are not only responsibly sourced, but reflect the environment from which they come.

Here's a sneak peek at what our collections include...


Naturale Collection

The Naturale Collection embodies our love and dedication for genuine gemstones. Taking inspiration from nature, Naturale celebrates the world around us with gemstones from all four corners of it. This collection showcases some of the finest gemstones the planet has to offer, wrapped generously in quality metals with a handmade feel that matches the integrity of the piece itself.



STACKD Collection

Jewellery is all about styling to suit you, and that’s exactly what this collection represents. STACKD features classic minimalism with a fashion-forward touch, and is all about either keeping it simple or layering if you choose. The pieces offer different textures crafted from Sterling Silver and Gold plating, giving you the complete choice when it comes to styling your jewellery.

With the sheer number of gemstones and jewellery out there, accessorising in a way that emulates how you feel should be a priority – and STACKD does that to perfection.



Facets Collection

You've heard us say before that jewellery should be for everyone, and that includes the world’s most-loved gemstone: Diamonds. With our new Facets Collection, gone are the days where Diamonds are too expensive to buy for yourself (or someone else) and too ‘exclusive’ to wear every day. Still rare and still special, Facets is complete with conflict-free Diamonds that give everyone the chance to sparkle and shine.


Labradorite Rings

Like what you saw here? If you’re after jewellery that’s not only stylish and long-lasting but also within your price range, then why not explore the range of gemstone jewellery pieces that we have to offer here at NOWSEEN.


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