How to Build Your Stacking Ring Collection

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Stacking rings are staple jewellery pieces that you really can’t go wrong with. They pair well with any type of outfit, and mixing and matching them creates a new style to wear every single day.

The opportunities to style stacking rings are endless. So, if you’re unsure of where to start, let us help you start your stacking journey.


Start with one

The easiest way to decide how to stylishly stack your rings is to simply start with one. This individual piece builds the foundations of your collection, and can provide inspiration for which pieces to add next.

So, choose your favourite metal, pick a design, and opt for a simple piece that you can customise to suit you.


Add more

Once you are clear on your first individual piece, try adding to it using other pieces that go well with it. You can opt for the same metal, the same size or the same type of design – the choice is yours. With a collection of different stackers, you can wear and re-wear your pieces to create a brand-new look for every occasion. The options really are endless!


Mix your metals

Because who says you can’t? If you are someone who prefers bold and creative looks, why not follow the ever-growing trend of mixing your metals? If both Gold and Silver hold a special place in your heart, there is nothing to stop you from styling both.


Add colour

If you’re looking to add more than just metal to your stacking ring collection, why not opt for a coloured gemstone or two?

Gemstones offer an extra level of luxury and beauty to a jewellery piece. So, adding a gem to your selection of stackers allows you to incorporate a statement piece into your chosen look. Whether it’s Quartz, Diamond or something completely different, there are hundreds of natural gemstones out there for you to find your perfect one.

Stacking rings offer a wealth of possibilities when it comes to customising your look. They allow you to express your own unique style, and we have a whole collection dedicated to them!

If you’re looking to start your stacking journey in 2024, our STACKD collection has you covered.


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